Terms & Conditions


  • I CERTIFY that all particulars in these applications are true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
  • I authorise Dublin City Council to obtain information from any educational institutions it considers necessary, in order to verify my educational qualifications where required.
  • Application forms will be accepted in Irish and English only.
  • I am aware that any canvassing, by me, or on my behalf, will disqualify me from the position I am seeking and that any employment offered to me is dependent upon the information provided being correct.
  • I am aware that false or misleading information or deliberate omissions may result in disqualification from the competition or the withdrawal of any offer of employment.
  • Shortlisting may take place using only on the information provided
  • Decisions of Shortlisting/Interview Boards are final
  • Dublin City Council will not be responsible for any expenses you may incur during the recruitment process.